The Sweater I Didn’t Plan To Make

It started with the yarn. Back in the summer, I decided to treat myself and become a Magpie Fiber Society member.  What’s that you ask?  Magpie Fibers is a multi-racial, woman owned and ran yarn dyer located in Frederick, Maryland.  If you are a fiber artist and you’ve not yet had the pleasure of working with yarn fromContinue reading “The Sweater I Didn’t Plan To Make”

“New Beginnings and The Voice of Doubt”

“You should write a knitting book or do a blog. That’s an unbelievable and pretty sweater, ” my friend Virginia commented below a picture on social media of my latest FO (that’s Finished Object to all you non-knitters). Thanking her, I responded back that I liked the blog idea. But in reality I was shakingContinue reading ““New Beginnings and The Voice of Doubt””