“I could never do that.  I don’t have the patience.”  I get that comment a lot when I post pictures of my knits on social media.  I usually just smile or respond with “Knitting doesn’t require patience, it teaches it.”  I’ve been thinking about that a lot this past week as I’ve worked on my knitting.   I generally haveContinue reading “Patience”

Casting on a new beginning

It’s still cold but even with the chill in the air, the light feels different. A light that is vivid and bright. It’s the kind of light that tells you Spring is not far away. I’m am ready for it. I’m ready for warm breezes, Spring flowers and, here in Maryland, the return of ospreys.Continue reading “Casting on a new beginning”

The Purple Sweater

One Saturday in early December, I realized I needed a purple sweater.  I was looking through my closet, trying to figure out what to wear to the small, family only (due to Covid), funeral for my aunt.  Aunt Jane, my mom’s older sister and my godmother had passed away that previous Monday at the age of 87.  InContinue reading “The Purple Sweater”

The Sweater I Didn’t Plan To Make

It started with the yarn. Back in the summer, I decided to treat myself and become a Magpie Fiber Society member.  What’s that you ask?  Magpie Fibers is a multi-racial, woman owned and ran yarn dyer located in Frederick, Maryland.  If you are a fiber artist and you’ve not yet had the pleasure of working with yarn fromContinue reading “The Sweater I Didn’t Plan To Make”

“New Beginnings and The Voice of Doubt”

“You should write a knitting book or do a blog. That’s an unbelievable and pretty sweater, ” my friend Virginia commented below a picture on social media of my latest FO (that’s Finished Object to all you non-knitters). Thanking her, I responded back that I liked the blog idea. But in reality I was shakingContinue reading ““New Beginnings and The Voice of Doubt””