Support, Encouragement & Love

Last week was a great week.  I accomplished a long held goal.  I’m no longer an aspiring knitting pattern designer, I AM a knitting pattern designer.  I published my very first knitting pattern on Ravelry this past Wednesday. You can find it here.  

More importantly, I was reminded of how supportive and uplifting most people can be.  We often hear too many stories of differences and conflicts and how people tear each other down but I think, in reality, most folks want to cheer others on.  When I visited my  LYS, Knits and Pieces, a month or so ago when Anchors Aweigh was still being edited, I showed it to Suzy, one of the employees.  She immediately offered to be one of my test knitters.  Now, her lovely pink version is on display in the shop. 

©Knits and Pieces

 It was exciting to visit the shop on Wednesday afternoon and see it right up front.  The shop also promoted my pattern on their social media and plans to offer a class using the pattern later this summer.  They don’t need to do that and I’m so very grateful for their support.

Other members of the knitting community have shown their support as well.  Knitters and designers whom I’ve never met, have shared my pattern on their social media accounts, including Gaye Glasspie, better known as GGmadeit.  Like me, GG turned to knitting during a time of grief and frequently writes about it.  I have found her to be a voice of wisdom, resilience and positivity.  On Friday morning, I was feeling a bit discouraged, I had released my pattern and I’d received lots of positive comments then nothing.  Then I saw GG’s IG post.  In it she shared these words of encouragement:  “I’m sharing because keep doing YOUR thing.  Your breakthrough is coming.  Today could be your day…don’t miss it.  ACT like you own all that you desire and watch those things happen.”  It was just the words I needed to hear at that moment.  I sent her a DM thanking her for her post and sharing how it had been the words I needed to hear at that moment.  GG responded by congratulating me on my first pattern and then shared it on her IG story.  She then bought a copy of my pattern!  Here is a person in the knitting community who has over 50K followers and is a Knit Star.  She has yarn named for her and is probably sent yarn and patterns all the time.  And yet, she chose to support me.  I was blown away.  

Later Friday afternoon and evening , I received some very special support.  If you’ve read my previous post titled Someday Becomes Now, you know that the shawl design I just released was a tribute to my son Mason who passed away almost four years ago.  The outpouring of love and support from Mason’s friends after he died was deeply touching.  We’ve continued to be in touch with many of them since then.  

They come to our house for pizza parties and cookout or for happy hour zoom sessions during this past year, meet up with us at local bars to hear music and periodically call or text just to check in on how we’re doing.  My husband and I consider Mason’s friends to be a lasting gift he left us.  Three of his closest guy friends are Vance, Andrew and Ben.  My family calls them the Three Amigos.  

Ben, Mason, Andrew & Vance

Friday night, my husband and I unexpectedly got to hang out with them at a local dockside bar.  We got caught up on their lives and shared a few drinks and lots of laughs and hugs.  During the course of the evening, they mentioned Mason and shared stories about him.  Most often, people don’t mention loved ones who have passed for fear of reminding you of the person you’ve lost.  But getting to talk about our son is the best gift ever.  They also brought up my knitting, having seen my posts on IG and Facebook. They asked about my blog and expressed excitement for my becoming a designer.  I was so touched.  Mason too was a designer.  He made beautiful wire wrapped jewelry like these pendants and ring.

Having his friends show such an interest was as if Mason was sending me his encouragement and support and letting me know he’s proud of his mama.  

Sales of the pattern are still a bit slow but that’s okay.  I’m proud of the pattern and think it will catch on eventually.  In the meantime, I’m working on a second pattern and drawing up designs for three more.  I really love this edge on Anchors Aweigh.  

Wave Edge

Don’t you think it would look lovely at the bottom of a sweater?  Hopefully, you’ll be seeing that pattern by the end of summer.  Fitting all the designs I want to create in between a full time job and other life stuff I need to do can be a challenge! Until next time….Kim

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