Recharging with Mother Nature

Knitting took somewhat of a backseat this weekend to Mother Nature. The weather was perfect and I just needed to be outside to recharge and clear my head. This rejuvenation began with my weekly Saturday morning walk. My friend Laura began this weekly ritual in January 2019 and I’ve come to look forward to it each week as we catch up while exploring different area trails and parks. This week’s walk took us to Davidsonville Park where the Patuxent River creates a quiet fishing hole.

Patuxent River – Davidsonville Park

After a good, hour long walk, I headed back home and joined my husband on a trip to pick up garden soil for our vegetable and herb garden. We planted a small garden near our deck last summer and decided that this year, we would instead do some raised beds in a spot that would get more sun. A colleague’s wife gave us these amazing cloth beds to use and we were eager to get started. Those two cloth beds hold more soil than they look! After two trips to the garden store for soil, they were filled and ready for plants.

Sunday brought another trip to the gardening store, this time for vegetables and herbs. And of course to replace the gardening gloves that always seem to disappear in the garage over the winter! We picked up tomatoes plants, zucchini, cucumbers and green peppers for one bed. The second bed will be filled with herbs and Greg’s habanero and jalapeño peppers.

With our raised beds planted and the flower boxes on the deck filled, we’re ready for summer. Fingers crossed we get some tomatoes this year!

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