We Get To Hug !

This post is not what I had planned to write but it’s what I need to write. It’s not about knitting. It’s about life and the things that are important.

In 2019, at Christmas, my sister, brother-in-law, nephew and my husband and I gathered at the home of my daughter Kira and her husband Cullen. We had dinner, exchanged gifts and celebrated. My sister and I talked about going out to dinner at some point in the next few months, perhaps for my brother-in-laws birthday in February. Unfortunately, work obligations and conflicting schedules didn’t line up to make that happen. Then, Covid hit and any thoughts of getting together vanished. That Christmas gathering would be the last time my sister and I would see each other in person for 16 months.

Today, that changed. With all of us vaccinated, we were finally able to gather at our house for dinner. My brother-in-law Steve walked in and exclaimed “we can hug!” as he wrapped me in the longest, tightest bear hug ever. Then, he hugged my husband and I hugged my sister. We laughed and cried and hugged each other again. After 16 months of only seeing each other during the occasional family Zoom session, it was wonderful. I honestly don’t think a hug ever felt so good.

Dinner was great too but it was the hugs I treasure the most. I hope you got to hug someone today too!

Until next week….

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